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Vernacular Voices of the Storyteller

In these fractured times l wanted to look at how stories from different voices can overcome the the distance between people and highlight our shared experiences. I interviewed five amazing storytellers and asked them all about breaking down barriers through stories and food and these are the results:

The King of England & His Three Sons or the Apple Identity

In which we discover that golden apples are never in convenient places, that it takes persistence to overcome the odds and that turning up with a large army is a very effective rescue strategy. We also find yet again that brothers can be jealous, that kindness & courtesy never go amiss and chopping things with swords can have surprising results.

The Grateful Tartalo, The Erensugue and The Broad Bean Bounty

In which we discover that a Tartalo can actually be grateful, that every time you save a princess you need a new horse, a new outfit and a new sword and that you should always dispose of any dragon's heads responsibly. Additionally, we learn that you can know nothing about gardening and still grow beautiful vegetables and that it can take up to three days to kill a dragon.