This blog is about food, stories, folklore and history or, more accurately, travel and history through the magic of food and stories.

If you want to eat your way around the world or through time without leaving home then this is the place for you. The stories will sometimes take you even further.

A warning for those of a delicate disposition, there is also the occasional cat, cocktails and many mentions of cheese. (A vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend)

I love stories and have a new storytelling podcast that’s also all about food and food history.

There are literature quotes because I love books almost as much as I love food. Also sometimes a touch of architecture, design and things I like in museums.

I have nothing to sell, this is just my way of legitimising enjoying my interests rather than cleaning my house. I am (whispers age I never thought I’d be) and sadly still waiting for my fairy-tale library and matching secret passageway to appear.

Blogs are posted as often as real life and my attention-seeking, cuddle beastie allow.

This is also my opportunity to improve my photography skills. I’d appreciate any hints and tips from those of you who are more skilled. (I’m happy to barter with recipe tips and book recommendations)

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