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Laika and other out of this world drinks

bourbon based cocktail with passionfruit garnish basthed in light on wooden board
Alcohol has been with us for a while. Ever since primates started enjoying the overripe, fermenting ground fruit which was easier to sniff out than the underripe fruit still on the branches of the tree. The theory goes that the more fermented food we ate, the more our genetics evolved to enable us to eat more fermented food with fewer side effects. The more fermented food and drink we consumed the more demand increased.

Friday Night Kebab

Kebabs, so delicious yet so much controversy. Do you think of elephant leg, the late night scourge of the high street, sadly grey yet so appealing after a few too many drinks? Or perhaps a shish kebab with its crispy nearly burnt edges and indigestible undercooked pepper slices? Is shawarma more your thing? Moist and juicy with garlic sauce and chilies?