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The Kitchen Witch Companion – An Interview with Sarah Robinson

In this episode I interviewed the wonderful Sarah Robinson about the fabulous book she has created with Lucy H Pearce: The Kitchen Witch Companion: Recipes, Rituals & Reflections

Her publishers describe the book as follows: This book is the companion to Kitchen Witch: Food, Folklore & fairytale and includes many of the traditional and seasonal recipes referenced in that book. The first half of The Kitchen Witch Companion is a nuanced reflection on the fantasy and reality of making magic in the kitchen. The second half is a seasonal collection of recipes and crafts, foraging and ferments, spells and simmer pots, meditations and blessings to inspire you to create, celebrate and gather throughout the Wheel of the Year.

“The Kitchen Witch emerges with a waft of cinnamon, summoned up with the pestle and mortar crushing cardamom, with the harvesting of fresh rose petals. She emerges any time a pan bubbles or cranberries pop or the scent of melted chocolate or orange zest fills the air. She is there in the bubbling of yeast, the rising of dough, the whipping of egg whites or cream into billowing clouds, and the scent of freshly baked bread. She appears as spices crackle in hot oil and when boiling water is poured over fresh herbs in a teapot. She is there in a wonky birthday cake made with love or a stew for a grieving family. She is there as we gather the season’s bounty from our gardens – a bunch of flowers to mark a birthday or a passing: roses for love, rosemary for remembrance. Her spirit is in the smell, sound and symbol, freed in the process of cooking, of transforming one thing into another. She is real here and now, in this strange modern world, if we choose to engage with her, if we allow her to awaken the dormant kitchen witch within us.”

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