A Cawl Tale or The Cheese Ownership Conundrum

This episdoe is a little different but I hope you enjoy a wonderful Welsh tale from fantastic storyteller Owen Staton and our chat in which we barely touch the depths of how both food and stories can break down barriers between people and nourish our souls but had a fabulous time in the talking just the same. I can’t promise you won’t fancy a bowl of Cawl at the end of it. Even at midsummer.

As a bonus I also interviewed Catherine Warr about her fascinating new book A Yorkshire Year: Folklore, history, traditions as well as finding out all about how she got interested in folklore as well as ‘fakelore’.

You can find Owen on Twitter and Youtube. As well as being the host of Time Between Times Storytelling Podcast, he also hosts Spectre of the Sea, a folklore and legends podcast with Bethan Briggs-Miller. You can also join Owen as he hosts a Sunday Story every week via Twitter Spaces – one of the best cures I know for the Sunday night blues. Sadly you will have to bring your own cawl.

You can find Catherine on Twitter and Youtube and her website. Her book is available from Carnegie Publishing or other good booksellers.

The Parkin book I mentioned by Anne Fencott and my Parkin episode:

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