Menus with Meaning

I have started to develop some seasonal menus to accompany celebration events. I have explored how folklore, principles of astrology, mythology and even biodynamics can be applied to seasonal foods to create combinations which can only enhance the gathering at which they are being served.

I present these in the spirit of celebration but the most important thing is that even without these fascinating meanings, the food combinations should result in a mouth watering meal and charm your guests. I have separated out the menus from the reasons behind my choices so those of you that just want menu ideas can enjoy them without unwanted additional information. Those of you that are intrigued why these particular dishes and ingredients were chosen can indulge yourselves in the supporting notes page of each menu.

I eat meat and drink alcohol but you could fairly easily make this vegetarian/cater to vegetarians and not drink and still relly enjoy these menus. You probably can’t make them completely plant based. You can make wonderful plant based feasts but you probably need to start from scratch, not just adapt these.

Winter Solstice

Christmas Eve

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Day