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The Poor Widow’s Son or The Pomegranates in Question

In which we find out that princesses definitely can decide their own destiny, that seeking your fortune can take a very long time and that the ...
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The Legend of Knockmany or the Soda Bread Saga

In which we confirm that a clever, witty woman can save the day, that food adulteration in soda bread is occasionally warranted and that outwitting a ...
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The Fish & The Ring or the Great Fish Pie Surprise

In which we discover that fate can be tricksy, fish pie can be surprising and that you can get away with pretty much anything if you ...
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Jack the Giant Killer or Death by Pudding

In which we discover that it can be unwise to have your name on your belt, that cleverness is important for heroes, the downsides of wagon ...
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The Buried Moon or the Big Plum Conspiracy

In which we find out what happens when Madam Moon is absent from the sky, why you should always listen to a Wise-Woman and how any ...
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Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves or The Question of the Missing Salt

In which we discover why you should never pose as an oil salesman, what your salt consumption reveals about you and how a good bread recipe ...
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A leaping hare

Jesper & the Hares with just a Smidgen of Flapjack

In which we find out how giving away your lunch can find you a bride and win you a kingdom and how relevant that is to ...
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An illustration of folklore character Vasilissa the Fair

Vasilissa the Fair & What was in Baba Yaga’s Soup?

In which we enter the world of Russian folklore and ask impertinent and possibly irrelevant questions about a soup called Solyanka. Vasilissa the Fair is a ...
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Gifts of the Magician & The Great Historical Oxtail Mystery

I must admit the link to this oxtail recipe from the story is extremely tenuous but I love this story so I'm going dig deep. All ...
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