The Story Equivalent of a Crackling Fire, a Warm Drink and a Hug

This is another stories only episode, due to reasons too numerous to mention here. I hope they find you in the spirit they left me: gentle, heartwarming and uplifting, the last one is particularly seasonal.

I thought this might be a time to take everybody on a journey safely away from our current reality. The stories in this episode are Food, Fire and Company, The Weardale Fairies and Room for a Little One.  The original stories can be found in English Folk Tales by Sybil Marshall and Forgotton Folk Tales of the English Counties by Katharine Briggs and Ruth Tongue amongst other older and newer sources.

The podcast will be back with an exciting new episode including the usual folklore and food history and accompanying blog post on 18 January 2022. 

Featured image by Kat Von Wood via Unsplash