A Collection of Winter Tales

Would you like to hear a winter tale or six?  I have put together a compilation of my December tales from last year so you can fully indulge in the spirit of winter.  

The first tale is the Cailleach, a moving celtic mythic tale in which we discover how mountains were formed and what happens when winter goes on for too long.

Our second tale is Morozko, a Russian wonder tale in which we discover that kindness can overcome cruelty and a little magic goes a long way for either good or ill.

The third tale is a traditional fairytale straight from the Brothers Grimm: Snow White and Rose Red, in which we discover that being a bear is not always permanent, kindness is key to a happy life and owning treasure is not guaranteed to improve your temper.

Our final three tales are a charming collection of short stories with a touch of Christmas: two of them are very English, Sir Cleges & the Christmas Cherries and The Apple Tree Man, the third is a lovely Ukrainian tale, The Christmas Tree Spiders. They are very sweet spiders, I promise, please don’t be put off.

Featured Image – John Bauer