Cheese of the Week – Rosary Ash

This week’s Cheese of the Week is Rosary Ash, a lovely fresh goat’s cheese from Rosary Goat’s Cheese.

What type of cheese it?

Rosary Ash is a young handmade goat’s cheese made with pasteurised goat’s milk and microbe vegetarian rennet. The creamy cheese is rolled in ash made from charred coconut shells.

What flavours does it have?

This is a fresh and lemony cheese with a gorgeous light fluffy texture. The flavour is very clean with a little natural acidity and no goaty aftertaste. The ash doesn’t add any real flavour.

What would you drink with it?

Sauvignon blanc is always the go to for young goat’s cheese as the minerality and acidity of the wine complement the flavours in the fresh cheese. In this case however I recently tried this with a 2020 Von Reben Riesling and it was a revelation. This crisp, citrus wine with lovely underlying minerality was a great match. Dry Rieslings are definitely worth trying alongside this cheese.

How would you serve it?

Its a nice cheeseboard cheese and looks beautiful with its ash coating but I particularly like it generously crumbled over a Basque dish of slow cooked lemony broad beans and scooped up with warm bread.

Where does the name come from?

Its another what you see is what you get name.

Who makes it?

Rosary Goat’s Cheese is produced at The Rosary in Landford on the Hampshire and Wiltshire border where the small goat herd are hand milked.

If you want more information about Rosary Goat’s cheeses then take a look here