Cheese of the Week – Bath Soft Cheese

This week’s Cheese of the Week is Bath Soft Cheese. Its a gorgeous organic soft cheese made on a farm near Bath in the Brie style.

What type of cheese is it?

This is an organic, pasteurised, cow’s milk, vegetarian soft cheese. It’s a square cheese, made in the style of a Brie with a bloomy rind and a gooey yielding interior paste.

What flavours does it have?

This cheese has a wonderful mushroomy flavour near the rind with a hint of acidity which then develops into the lovely creamy, buttery flavours of the paste

What would you drink with it?

As with any rich, buttery cheese with a luscious mouth feel I recommend something dry with bubbles. It would need to have enough body to complement the mushroomy, lemony flavours of the rind so a good cava or if you are feeling more extravagant an English sparkling wine or a non-vintage champagne would be perfect.

How would you serve it?

Excellent as part of a cheeseboard but also wonderful on a picnic with a full flavoured baguette and the above mentioned bubbles. On a very shallow note, it also looks gorgeous in its packaging so would be a wonderful, smart contribution to someone else picnic!

Where does the name come from?

This cheese name is very much what you see is what you get!

Who makes it?

This is made by Graham Padfield of the Bath Soft Cheese Company from a recipe for Bath Cheese in an old grocer’s recipe book. The cheese is still made the same way using organic milk from their small herd of 160 mainly Holstein Friesian cows grazed on their land at Park Farm near Bath.

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