Cheese of the Week – Devon Blue

I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t tried this fantastic Devon Blue cheese until last summer but I think I’ve made up for that now. If you haven’t tried it then I would rush out and get some. It is also available direct via the Essential Devon Cheeseboard from Sharpham Cheese if you don’t have a local cheesemonger that stocks it.

What type of cheese it?

Devon Blue is a foil wrapped, pasteurised cow’s milk, vegetarian rennet blue cheese. The cheese is aged for 4-6 months and is foil wrapped to prevent a rind from forming. It was created by Robin Congdon, considered a pioneer of British Blue Cheeses. It has a rich, almost fudgy texture as it matures.

What flavours does it have?

The flavours change as the cheese develops. At four months’ old, it is flinty, minerally and light with a subtle blue taste but as it matures it develops a sweet and mellow flavour profile, well rounded and buttery.

What would you drink with it?

This is perfect with cider, preferably something from Devon where the cheese is made. The crisp, fruity apple flavours cut through the butteriness of the cheese and the bubbles enhance the richness of the mouthfeel. If you could track down a bottle of Carter from Find & Foster, it would be perfect. Should you insist on wine to accompany this cheese then I’d suggest a spicier red such as a Côtes du Rhône.

How would you serve it?

This cheese has some complex flavours so sits very happily on its own with some good crackers but I have also served it on bruschetta with roasted purple sprouting broccoli and capers.

Where does the name come from?

Its one of those ‘it is what it is’ cheese names!

Who makes it?

Originally created by Robin Congdon and was originally based on Roquefort. It is now made by Ben Harris but still at Ticklemore Cheese near Totnes in Devon. The cheese we know now is made with cows’ milk from a farmer’s co-operative collected locally, and is made seasonally to fit in with the production of the other blue cheeses they make: Beenleigh (sheep’s milk) and Harbourne (goat’s cheese).

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