Cheese of the Week – Lypiatt

Before we start, I want to say Lypiatt is one of my favourite cheeses. I discovered it via a livestream interview from the Academy of Cheese and Julianna Sedl from the Old Cheese Room and place an order straight away online. I’ve been hooked ever since. I recommend it to everyone so I think its time it had it’s starring role on Cheese of the Week.

What type of cheese it?

Lypiatt is a fresh, ‘chevre-style’, mould ripened cheese made with buttery rich pasteurised Jersey milk inspired by the ashes goat’s cheeses of the Loire.  It has a wonderful charcoal dusted wrinkly rind and a light moussey texture which breaks down over time. The paste has a rich creamy texture presumably from the richer Jersey milk. It was first made during lockdown and has received much praise in National newspapers and on the BBC.

What flavours does it have?

This cheese has light and fresh citrus flavours with a touch of acidity and the perfect level of saltiness. The creamy flavours of the Jersey milk shine through the cheese.

What would you drink with it?

I love it with a really good dry cava or champagne. The crisp acidity of these wines bring out it’s light lemony flavours and the bubbles complement its luscious mouthfeel.

How would you serve it?

It’s probably my favourite cheese so I just want it thickly piled onto torn off pieces of a still warm baguette and a glass of the aforementioned ice-cold cava. I’m sure it’s excellent in things but I just want to indulge in it on its own.

Where does the name come from?

The cheese is named after a field on the Neston Park Estate where the jersey cows graze.

Who makes it?

Lypiatt is made by Julianna Sedli and Karim Niazy of The Old Cheese Room, based on the Neston Park Estate not far from Bath. Julianna worked with goats’ milk for most of her cheesemaking career, before tackling the Jersey milk from the cows on the Neston Park Estate. The Old Cheese Room also makes a fantastic washed rind Reblochonesque cheese called Baronet. If you’re in their webshop I’d also recommend treating yourself to Wasabi Pearl, a jersey curd cheese mixed with wasabi. It’s out of this world with smoked fish.

Available direct from their website as well as some excellent cheesemongers.