Cheese of the Week – Appleby’s Cheshire

What type of cheese it?

Appleby’s Cheshire cheese is a timeless, traditional British Territorial cheese. Appleby’s is the only raw milk, clothbound, farmhouse Cheshire still in production, despite the fact that Cheshire was once the most prized British cheese. It has a succulent yet still traditionally Cheshire crumbly texture. It uses vegetarian rennet

What flavours does it have?

This delicious Cheshire has zesty, bright flavours, with some minerality. It also has some hints of grass, juicy acidity and finishes with a subtle earthiness that leaves you wanting more.

What would you drink with it?

This is a traditional British cheese and works well with traditional flavours like vintage port or an amontillado sherry. I like it with a rioja riserva but it a cheese thats very happy with beer tool. I’d probably recommend Wild Beer Company’s POGO, a fruity IPA with orange and guava top notes. I’m not always a fan of IPAs but this definitely works here in combination with the cheese flavours.

How would you serve it?

This is excellent for the cheeseboard and the juicy acidity of the cheese balances well with sweet sticky fruits like figs and dates or sweet chutney. I also love it layered with thinly sliced potatoes and onions in a cheese and onion pie.

Where does the name come from?

Cheshire Cheese is one of England’s oldest named cheeses and the Roman’s were rumoured to have literally killed for it. The salty flavour comes from the salt springs that run under most of the county. The salt enters the pasture land then into the cows’ milk form which the cheese is made. This particular Cheshire is named after Mrs Lucy Appleby who created this cheese in 1952

Who makes it?

The cheese is still made on Hawkstone Abbey Farm, in Shropshire by Master Cheesemaker Garry Gray who worked with Lucy Appleby from milk produced by the farm’s cows. The farm and dairy are still owned by Paul Appleby, Mrs Appleby’s grandson. The farm has undergone a conversion towards a more regenerative and sustainable way of farming.

Featured Image – Mrs Appleby’s Cheshire – Mike Geno