Cheese of the Week – Ticklemore Goat

A goat’s milk cheese that doesn’t taste remotely ‘goaty’! Ticklemore is a handmade vegetarian cheese produced using pasteurised goat’s milk at Sharpham Estate. You can buy it direct from Sharpham online or at a variety of wonderful cheesemongers, delis and I believe some Waitrose stores.

What type of cheese it?

Ticklemore is a semi-hard goats cheese with a bloomy white rind. It has a moist yet crumbly, chalky texture and a dazzlingly bright white colour. The cheese is matured in oval colander moulds giving it it’s distinct flying saucer shape as well as the tiny holes scattered through the cheese.

What flavours does it have?

When young, this has a lovely fresh lemony flavour with a hint of herbs. It is subtle and doesn’t have the earthiness that characterises a lot of goat’s cheeses. When allowed to mature for longer the herbal flavours are enhanced.

What would you drink with it?

I think I will agree with Sharpham’s recommendation of a nice bottle of pinot gris (which they also make and sell). There is a reason, however that sauvignon blanc is a classic wine pairing with goat’s cheese. The acidity of the fresh goat cheese matches extremely well with the tangy and refreshing notes of the wine. It would also work well with a citrussy IPA that isn’t too aggressively bitter such as North Brewing Co’s Analogue Set.

How would you serve it?

On it’s own with really good crisp crackers whilst making little happy noises (this is my default with good cheese). Its also fantastic crumbled over salads, especially those warm ones with Puy lentils and roasted vegetables.

Where does the name come from?

The accepted opinion seems to be that it is named after the street in nearby Totnes that contains a wonderful cheese shop. Some do say however that it is after the village where it was first produced.

Who makes it?

First made by Robin Congdon in the mid-eighties, Ticklemore Goat is now made at the Sharpham Creamery by Debbie Mumford and Mark Sharman to the exact same recipe and even utilising the same Goat’s milk supplier that Robert used. The goats graze on grass, and the hedgerows of the Dartmoor area, which gives them a wide variety of plants in their diet.

Featured Image -Ticklemore – Mike Geno