Cheese & Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms

This isn’t exactly a recipe but I felt inspired to share it with you. It is perfect as part of a mixture of dishes for a dinner, an excellent starter or even just a main course for one before a television marathon.

I can’t give amounts because it depends on the size of the mushrooms. I prefer those ones that are bigger than a button but smaller than a big flat field mushroom. There needs to be a place to put the filling so try and avoid the very flat ones. If you use those the filling will slide off and you’ll have to detach the cheesey crispy mess from from the oven tray and then be forced to eat it because you hate waste. The now naked mushroom will now look very sad so you’ll eat that too. Anyway, try and get ones with a rim round the edge if you can.

Put all the mushrooms in a oven dish that can take all the mushrooms in one layer preferably not too squashed together.

Fry some garlic in olive oil, how much is up to you. I love garlic so use about 3-4 cloves sometimes more if they are small. If you are not a garlic fiend use as many as will make you happy.

When it is just cooked and not burned, add about half a bag of fresh spinach or all of it, if it’s looking on the sad side. It’s probably best to add it gradually unless its a big pan or leaves will keep escaping as you stir.

When the spinach is all cooked put to one side and allow to cool. When cool, add a pack of soft cream cheese (philadelphia style), 100g of grated cheddar or other tasty hard cheese, 25g of grated parmesan and mix all together.

Splodge into your mushrooms, trying to avoid over filling. Grate 50g cheddar and 25g parmesan and mix and then put some on top of each mushroom. If this looks to little then grate some more and add it.

Bake at 200 degrees C for around 15-20 minutes until the mixture is bubbling, golden brown on top and your kitchen smells of that glorious mixture of garlic and melted cheese. Eat fairly swiftly but not so swiftly that you burn your mouth on the hot mushrooms. In all honesty these are very nice 3 hours later if you spot one someone else has missed.